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Small Grains Variety Testing Program with Aaron Esser

On this week's episode of the WSU Wheat Beat Podcast, host Drew Lyon interviews interim Variety Testing Program specialist, Aaron Esser.

Organic Grain and Hay Sale Bulletin Board

The WSU Small Grains Team offers the Organic Grain and Hay Sales bulletin board and listserv as a service to the organic community.

Herbicide-Resistance in Jointed Goatgrass and Downy Brome with Ian Burke

In this weeks episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast, host Drew Lyon interviews Ian Burke, associate professor in weed science at Washington State Universtiy,…

New Herbicide Comparison Tool Now Available

As herbicide active ingredients age and lose patent protection, there tends to be an influx of generic products in the marketplace. As the list of…

The WSU Wilke Farm and Direct-seed Cropping Systems with Aaron Esser

On this episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast host Drew Lyon interviews Aaron Esser, Chairman of the WSU Wilke Research and Extension Farm out…

PNW Winter Canola Tour Dates Set!

Mark your calendars to attend one (or more) of our canola tours in mid-May featuring our large-scale winter canola variety trials.

Crop Modeling with Dr. Dave Huggins

In this weeks episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast, Drew Lyon interviews Dr. Dave Huggins about the use of crop modeling to predict yield,…

April Update: Stripe Rust Situation Unchanged from March

Stripe rust update for Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon timely topic.

Stripe Rust Update April 10, 2018

Stripe rust update in Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon. Stripe rust situation unchanged from March.

Wheat and Barley Research Progress Reports Available for Review

The Washington Grain Commission held its 2018 Wheat and Barley Research Review on February 20 and 21 in Pullman. This is an annual event that…
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