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Wheat & Small Grains Blythe Howell

Planning for Spring Planting: Wireworm Management in Cereal Crops

Wireworms in a bucket
With spring planting just around the corner, producers should be considering their management approach towards wireworms and other insect pests. Wireworms, which have larvae that can feed in the soil for 2 to 11 years (depending on the species), are one of the primary direct pests in Washington wheat crops. However, wireworms are a complex… » More ...

March Forecast: Potential Damage from Stripe Rust Increases

On March 8, Dr. Xianming Chen, ARS Plant Pathologist, released his most recent forecast (pdf) for stripe rust severity in the coming season. Given the very mild weather that occurred throughout January and the first part of February, it was no surprise that the potential damage from stripe rust increased to almost 18% over the… » More ...

The Contribution of Wheat Production to the Washington Economy

A field of wheat
Table 1 The total value of Washington agricultural production in 2016 was $9.1 billion. Animals and animal products accounted for just under $2.6 billion and crops represented another $6.4 billion. Appels, once again, had the largest crop value $2.4 billion (26.2% of total agriculture). Potatoes ($813.3 million), Wheat ($662.2 million), and Hay ($539.3 million) were… » More ...
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