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Wheat & Small Grains December 2017

Effect of Canola Size on Winter Survival

Canola field
Several canola producers across the state are wondering if their canola is either “too big” or “too small” going into the winter months. We often hear that winter canola needs to be roughly "the size of a dinner plate" to survive the upcoming winter months, but is this the correct size? Canola overwinters in the… » More ...

Wheat Beat to a Different Drum with Karen Sowers & Ian Clark

Field of canola.
Drew Lyon interviews Karen Sowers, Extension and Outreach Specialist with the Washington Oilseed Crop Existence Project at WSU, and Ian Clark, recent WSU graduate student with an MS degree in the development of perennial wheat, in this episode of the WSU Wheat Beat podcast. In this interview, we explore the benefits of canola in the crop rotation. » More ...

Wheat Exports Key to Future Price Activity

The wheat marketing year is now half over. While prices continue to be disappointing, wheat exports continue to do well, particularly white wheat and hard red winter wheat. USDA has projected that total U.S. wheat exports will be one billion bushels this marketing year (the marketing year is June 1 through the following May 31).… » More ...
Washington State University