2016 WSU Variety Testing Results

Harvest results from the 2016 WSU Cereal Variety Testing Program are rolling in! As soon as results are available, they’ll be posted on our website.  Check back periodically to make sure you find the results that you’re looking for.  After all the locations in a given precipitation zone have been harvested, results will be uploaded to the Variety Selection Tool.

Keep in mind that longer-term averages are more powerful and useful when evaluating yield results.  One year of information only gives you a piece of the puzzle, and may not be the best predictor of future variety performance.  We encourage you to look at results from as many testing programs as possible to aide in choosing what varieties to plant this fall.  Obviously, yield is ‘king’, but remember to weigh other variety characteristics such as disease resistance and end-use quality.

If you have questions regarding the WSU Cereal Variety Testing Program, feel free to contact Ryan Higginbotham by email at rhigginbotham@wsu.edu or by phone at 509-335-1205.
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